Sunday, October 22, 2006

Readers may have noticed...

that I don't have much to say anymore. We'll work on that. In the meantime, we'll play video games and save our astronomy reading for tomorrow. And I guess we'll also freeze to death from the cold evil air conditioning. Can't we just leave it off? Seriously, even if it's a little warm during the day, that is fine with me.

Halloween is coming up, which means we need to think about costume options. I'm not terribly creative in this dept. I feel like pretty much anything I could come up with would be pretty unfinished and amateur. I'm not so adept at gathering materials. Maybe I should just go as a 1Up intern :D That would be easy... XD I remember in 8th grade I went as a starving artist. Just wore regular clothes and carried a paintbrush. Or mabye I couldn't find the paintbrush...I can't recall.

Tomorrow is Monday. This morning when I woke up I felt like maybe the week wouldn't be that long. After all, last week was fairly tolerable, so why should this one be any worse? There's always that touch of sadness knowing that we're coming up on five more days, though. The workload doesn't look to be tremendous, or anything. I should be able to play a lot, read a lot, generally enjoy myself. I think it's the train ride that does it, make things sink in. Another week. They go by, though. Hell, October is over a week from Tuesday. Also, a month from Monday is Thanksgiving (the actual day, meaning the break will be well underway.) Interestingly enough, Thanksgiving is also the 1 year of the day I first chatted with Scotty. Anyhow, the semester will be a piece of cake to finish out. At least at the moment I'm convinced of that. Just have to take it one week at a time. Day by day is too slow. The weekends you take day by day to stretch them, but the weeks you take all at once. Makes the calendars feel more compact, even.

I'm off to listen to podcasts and goof around with Megaman ZX. The boy got a copy for FREE because it was lying around and his co-worker didn't need it. Word to that! Uberword.

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^_^

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