Friday, October 27, 2006

Chronicle of a Thursday Afternoon

Marc accompanied me to the bank. I had to deposit some checks. (Yes, check plural. It was pay-day so I managed to get two in in one go.) Anyhow, we were walking and got about halfway there when this fellow approached us with an Asian guy in tail. He asked if we were going as far as Pershing, which, I don't know the roads, so we just said we were going to the bank. "Can you take him there? He can't speak English and I've been trying to show him the way." How unexpected and awkward! Marc and I had been talking along but with the guy following us we felt that would be sort of rude. Our conversations turned to wondering whether we could possible communicate anything to him. Marc smiled and gave a short-distance wave (more a salute) and the man smiled. Word. Between the both of us we French and my Japanese heh. And I think Marc knew how to say hello in Cantonese. Luckily it was easy enough for him to just follow us, so he made it ok. He didn't seem to have any trouble at the bank, which was surprising, although I guess I wasn't really paying too much attention since I was filling out my deposit slip and talking to Marc about his ex.

We took the long meandering way back to school. Stopped at Goodwill, where they didn't have much. We always walked past this little Christian bookstore. I saw HALLOWEEN candy in the window. We went in to investigate. I knew it wouldn't be REAL Halloween candy, and we were correct. It was Harvest Seeds (you'll have to scroll down a bit there, more "scripture candy" than one quite knows what to do with.)Candy corn on the inside, but the outside is pure Bible school. Yays.

Actually most of the reason we went in the store was because Marc wanted to see how the guy would react to him. I'm not sure what he thought would happen, but the reception wasn't exactly warm. It's not like Marc is a bad guy, or even looks like a bad guy. All he did was smile, but it didn't go over very well. Once we had exited the store we began thinking about this. I suggested that he probably KNEW we were only in there to puzzle over the candy corn and Praise Ponies, which Marc admitted but then he said, "But I look like I could be a Christian, like 'Praise God!'" He said it very convincingly, I thought. So then we were thinking how we could've gone back in there and made a big scene pretending to be uber devote. "You know we actually ARE very serious and devoted Christians following God's word and you just judged us by the way we look!! Now the LORD will judge YOU!!" Blah blah blah. "Man, we are such geeks, thinking about what he would've done..." said Marc, and he was totally right, but it was fun.

On the way back we stopped at the San Felipe Grill for beans and guac, like usual. Something about the guac was sorta off, though. Then we watched music videos on Youtube. Altogether not so bad.

Time for computer class now, though. I'll be back to talk about the wonderful morning in a couple hours...

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