Thursday, October 12, 2006

Federal Mate State Crowd Beta Plans

So, I guess I've been kinda slackin' on the mundane blogging. Contrary to appearances, there actually HAVE been things going on.

Gave that presentation. I may have mentioned that. Today, however, we got our grade back. Despite the fact that he said I need major voice work, AND I made a factual slip-up, I got the best grade in our group (A-/A). Overall we came out with a B+/A-, so that was good, I guess.

Yesterday I got my Mates of State t-shirt (which I ordered in M which is too big : / maybe it will shrink) and their new(ish) CD, Bring It Back. I listened to it yesterday for the first time. It seems like whenever I listen to something for the first time I am kinda lukewarm. I'm listening again right now, though, and it definitely rocks. Yesterday I felt like it didn't have as much energy as Team Boo, but I'm feeling it now. The sound seems to get more complex with each release, I dunno if anyone else notices that, or if I'm making it up. Just sounds like there's more going on, more sounds, more tweaking. Anyhow, it's really good. Number 6 especially has a crazy good beat... *hum hum hum*

Been playing some good video games, but even more than that I've been watching this AWESOME British TV show called The IT Crowd. Seriously, it's probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. I don't usually go for TV so much, but this is so hilarious. I esp like Moss. Pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth cracks me up. One thing I learned is that the brilliant quote that I took as "Jammin' wow!" was actually (and anti-climactically) "Chairman wow!" *_* I don't understand that at all. My version is better! Wa ha ha!

Last, but not least, I've been accepted to the Enso beta test. It's pretty sweet. I jumped up and down the other night, though, so I've chilled out a bit since then. I like the applications. Can't decide if it's something I would buy or not, although it is really neat. I think if my computer was faster it would be better...


This afternoon I'm apparently tutoring and writing a paper and reading some bullshit about computers.............taking a shower, listening to musics...

Maybe seeing a movie later (or not...) I don't really want to go, but I feel like I should. I mean, it's Coming Out Week yadda yadda...


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