Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, I guess it's fine that we didn't go to the Castro last night, what with 7 (err make that 9, now) people getting shot and all. We went out for Indian food at our favorite place and watched the original House on Haunted Hill. That was pretty much it, but it was fine. I had a stomach ache, though : /

This morning I had to leave >_< Grabbed some breakfast on the way to the BART. Train and all that was pretty much uneventful. When I got to Stockton, though, the cab was taking forEVER! I waited 40 minutes and then decided to screw it and walk. I'm sure he arrived 5 minutes after I left, but whatever...

It's kind of a hike, someone said two miles, and I had my backpack, so that kind of sucked. It really wasn't that bad. I stopped off downtown for an Alaskan roll (which seems to be different wherever you go, but this one had spicy tuna (or was it salmon...spicy something and avocado with the orange stuff on top.) Very tasty, not too expensive and they gave me free edamame and miso soup o_O Then I walked some more and by the time I hit Baskin Robbins I decided I wanted dessert, so I had a single pumpkin pie ice cream cone. Wasn't really up to my expectations, but meh.

Astro wasn't very exciting. My friend gave me her notes from Monday, though, so I should be set for that. The rest of the afternoon was mostly just relaxing and playing games.

My roommate invited me to her dinner birthday (she's 21, if you recall) and I was really excited. I had even checked out the menu of the place beforehand to pick what I wanted. So I was all excited, and just starving myself until it was time to go, when suddenly I realized I hadn't called about my tutoring appts @_@ So I called and thank God there weren't any...that I missed. I have one in about 15 minutes, so I couldn't go for dinner. Instead I had a couple bites of potato, some so-so chicken, a piece of dry nasty broccoli, and some grape nuts (since the dining hall just didn't cut it.) Booooooo.

Ah well, I have to go. Tomorrow is Thursday and if I cross my fingers hard enough, maybe the boy will be able to come out here this weekend so we get more than just one day :D (I have to show up for tutor training or they'll hate me forever. Maybe I could tell them someone died...)

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