Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Morning

Today I am eating a big, rest-of-the-stale-Cheerios bowl of cereal for breakfast. With grapefruit juice. Still trying to buck the last vestiges of my cold.

I woke up out of a very strange depressing dream. Lots of screaming and crying. I don't really remember what about. I think there may have been something to do with some sort of club, and video games, and cigarettes, but it was much more surreal than that. At the end I was yelling at people from the upstairs bathroom in Wisconsin to say that, no, I wasn't going to do what they wanted me to do, no matter what.

In a little over a half hour we're having take-two of Wednesday's computer class. Most teachers just barrel right through stuff, regardless of whether you've read it or not. He could've just given us the information anyways. It is sort of stupid that no one participates, but to give up and say, "Read it for Friday!" sort of shows a little bit of inexperience, if you ask me. I mean, maybe for an English class or something, where there is a narrative and you're REALLY discussing the text there's not much else you can do, but for a class where it's just information in the book. He was presenting that anyways. I was listening! I read it! Why are you quitting teaching because the slackers of the class can't get it together! You don't cater to the lowest denomenator...

Anyhow! *complain complain ramble*

Last night I figured out how to edit video for the Launchamabob. That's going to be a bit more time consuming than I had had in mind. I'm just going to use the Windows thing, which isn't ideal, but I'm no pro XD I'm hoping my partners are prepared to put as much effort into this thing as I am, because I able to have huge chunks of free time with normal effort. (I just spread out my effort, rather than condense it into one night like most college students.) I suppose most of the editing and stuff I can just do, even if it takes until 2 am :D It's not like having three people will help clicking the mouse go any faster.

Astro this afternoon should be a breeze. I am really enjoying learning about star lifetimes and stuff, so the time should fly by. Luckily, even though both my roommates are leaving this weekend, I managed to secure a ride to the train station. I am SO excited to see the boy, and Frisco, and get out of here!

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