Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Happy So Happy

Break gets even better.

Been playing lots of video games.

Wednesday night we caught Mates of State with two freakin' hours of openers. That was a bit much lol. Good concert, although by the end both Scott and I were pretty sleepy. Asobi Sekusu played their song that I like. Mates of State played all the songs I most wanted to hear. Good all around. And we got to sit down, too :D

Thanksgiving was probably most fun. I got up early to make pumpkin pie and yams and then we headed off. I FINALLY met Jeremy!!! We had a great time. Awesome food, and lots of video games! Of course we busted out the Wii, made a pile of horrific Miis, Monkey Ball'd around for a bit, and then settled into some Bomberman 3. There was also an episode with flying pie, Spanish Chuck Norris, and the thrilling conclusion of many leftovers. That's always the best way to conclude Thanksgiving. Also, the stuff I cooked actually turned out GOOD.

Yesterday was pretty much entirely an Okami fest. That game is so pretty. Then Scotty cooked Spaghetti from scratch and it was uber delicious. We need to cook more often. It usually turns out well, we are just busy and/or lazy.

Today we're going downtown to work where the boy, and I Maybe watch one of those Japanese movies which should be fun but has been mutated into a chore by the sheer power of earning credit for it at school.

Damn school! I'm not thinking about you! I'm not thinking about you! LA-LA-LAAAAA!!

(Only three more weeks and then I'm through for good.)



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