Sunday, November 12, 2006

As groovin' as I can

Ah, I had a great weekend. Despite some rough spots due to stress and insecurity, I had a lot of fun and I love love love the boy. I was so sad to leave ;_; Actually, I was REALLY sad. Not sure why so sad this time. Maybe since I had such a hell of a time getting there. My ride didn't show so I had to call a cab and wait for the 8:05 which didn't put me in until 10:30 *shrug* It's always so sad to go. I can't wait till I can just stay. Of course, there won't be that weekly elation upon seeing each other again, but we're always really happy to be near each other, so I think the contentment of not having to run off every Sunday will be worth it.

Wow, I just made a Japanese inspired grammar error! ROCK! I was typing that last sentence and said, "...near each other so, I think..." since that is the way the comma would be placed Nihongo-style. Ah, that's so nice.

Anyhow Friday night when I got there Scott was at work but not at his desk. I found him out on the sidewalk with Jenn and her friend Nick. We all went to a diner nearby for tasty late night fare. Spent a lot of time at the office this weekend, which is really fun for me. I think Scott might feel kinda bad about having to play games at work, but I think it's really fun. I wish I wouldn't have been in such a weird mood. I came off as really quiet and nervous, I think : / I was supposed to show everyone I could be social today at dim sum, but they never called us to say when to show up.

Other than that I am proud to say I got past the first disc of FFVII. THAT TOOK LONG ENOUGH lol

This week should go pretty quick between tests and the Launchamabob. I hope so, anyhow. And then only two days, and pretty pointless days at that. I wish I could just stay on Friday and save 5 or 6 hours of travel time, have two extra days with Scotty, etc, but it sounds like politics (on Tuesday) will be the one important thing to do academics-wise next week. Ah well. If I just focus on getting this one done, then the weekend will roll around again and those two nubby days will be like nothing compared to the sweet sweet Thanksgiving break :D

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