Friday, November 03, 2006

Canned Soup generally very salty. I've been doing the chicken soup thing the past couple of days to make me feel like I'm taking care of myself. (Nevermind walking around in the rain to get to and from class...) In fact, you almost get to wondering if maybe the SALT is what is good for the sick people and maybe the chicken and noodles have little do with it.

Last night I had Campbell's Chicken Noodle (just the plain condensed version.) Today I found a microwave Progresso Chicken Noodle bowl. It has carrots and celery, plus bigger noodles and chicken. It's "chunky." I like it a whole lot better even though it doesn't escape the canned soup pitfall (SALT.) Another awesome bonus is that I need exactly ONE dish for this soup, and that isn't even a dish, it's a utensil. I need a spoon. For Campbell's you need a pan, a bowl, and a spoon. Laziness! It's great! Of course, laziness will cost you a couple dollars, at least at the campus grocery store : / I really shouldn't shop there, but when I'm sick I don't feel so much like gallavanting around.

Of course, now that I've taken a look at Campbell's website, I see they also offer a "chunky" version with veggies and so on. I'm sure they're comparable. As for what the school grocery store offers, I'll have to stick with Progresso.

Anyhow, soup! Not nasty dining hall food! Rock. It's too wet and chilly to go all the way over there the way I feel. It's very sad to be at school on a Friday night. Even though I know Scott is working late, it would be nice to be there when he got back. Usually I would be arriving downtown in about an hour...

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