Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Rough and Tumble Fantasy Jamboree

Whoo, you crazy life, you! Always with the crazy!

The weekend featured some games, some hill climbing, some diner food, and Stephen Chow's new movie, CJ7.

Other thing as well. Some laughs, plenty of sighs, some cries.

All these things and more! What a weekend.

And that's just the weekend! Wait till you hear what happened on MONday and TUESday! Zomg is it Wednesday in a HALF hour?

Next time I go up Bernal Hill I'm bringing a camera. What a great place! You can see everything in these nearly panoramic view (there is a building and some trees on top that sort of block part of it, but you can walk around...)

Next time I have a malt, I'm splitting it with someone!

Next time I want to buy a Naruto game I will KILL THE IMPULSE. Luckily, EB has the most convenient trade in system ever and I'm now the proud of owner of Crackdown and nine dollars! The English dub of Naruto is...HORRIBLE! So horrible it actually hurts the quality of the video game as well! More on this elsewhere.

CJ7 comes to your attn as HIGHLY RECOMMEND (from me). I know it has a limited release, but if it's anywhere near it's probably worth going to. I may actually go again when Oleya gets back from her super love holiday in Seattle, if I'm not still dirt poor. It still has plenty of over-the-top action, but in the context of a touching family drama!! How? And it's funny. Annnnnd, it's everything! We literally laughed AND cried. You can't tell me there was a person in the theater whose eyes weren't welling up when...



Go see it! The girl who plays Dicky is amazing. I actually had no idea she was a she (not knowing a terrible lot about Chinese names) until I searched for an interview.

Tomorrow I'm gonna finally have a (small) grocery shopping trip. Money has been a constant source of trouble lately. Between having to send back some checks for reissue and extra problems because one of my checks was stolen! So awesome. You can't imagine how cool it is to have my bank account right now hahaha

I did finally get some more work to do, though. It is always strange to have a vacuum of free time. I don't tend to use it very wisely because it's so strange. Anyways, I think I've been enjoying things as much as I can. That should continue throughout the week! Especially now that I have work to do--it lends me a purpose so I think I'll be happier. Previews for GamePro! I'm so excited. And a Wii review. Good stuff.

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