Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Most Dangerous Cooking Battle

[as embellished slightly from the original facebook photo album, even though I took the pictures for this blog]

Live Action Club was cancelled this evening, and since I had a non-negative amount of money in the bank for the first time in nearly two weeks, I set out for the grocery store to procure the items necessary for chili. Last time Oleya and I made the recipe, so we tweaked it to include things like fake meat and vegetarian broth. This time I looked for venison, found buffalo, but ultimately decided on lean beef (because the buffalo looked really bloody). Walking home from the store was A PAIN because there were many heavyish cans of things, and other groceries besides just chili ingredients, such as a carton of grapefruit juice.

Here is me finally getting started cooking:

You can see I was anxious to get on with it, and a little upset at the onion. Actually, I ended up mincing the garlic first, which made my fingers very sticky. Garlic is so sticky!

Then there was this horrible issue with my can opener. Or maybe the cans. Either way a titanic battle was waged wherein my finger lost:

Can you tell which cans were the bastards?

I only got cut on the first big one. I was using a spoon to pry and it slipped : / I've actually never been cut by a can before, I don't think. 22.5 years! Gah! So it goes. I used a knife to pry the other one and that worked better. I was worried my can opener (which I just bought the LAST time we made chili, only a couple weeks ago) was busted, but two of the four cans opened fine. Maybe something is wrong with my technique.

I think this is actually before I put the spices in, but we'll pretend this is the pre-simmer finale:

The real finale:

After I cooked it for about an hour or so, I decided that it was good enough and grabbed a scoop, dressed it with cheese (although not as fancy a variety as I would have liked), and added a couple slices of stupidly delicious sourdough. Yes, that's the computer desk in the background. Now you know what my life is like!!! (Just like yours! ;D) <3 Internet. <3 Food. The day was not a total failure.

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