Thursday, March 27, 2008

The pepper in my cookies

Today I hung out for the second time with Louis. We baked walnut and chocolate chunk cookies that also included a bit of white pepper. I feel we (by which I mean "I," since I was the one measuring dry ingredients) may have put a bit too much of the pepper in. It's a rather strong flavor of pepper, but Louis seemed to think they were fine, which is good because he's had them before and also because he paid for the ingredients. So we did that and then we watched Harold and Maude, one of my favorite movies! His roommate was also present, and she prepared homemade vegetarian tacos and saw the movie with us even though she had just watched it last night. Lastly, there was some Smash Bros.

So, moving backwards from that, I was in the Mission feeding Oleya's rats and when I checked her mail (which is now my mail as well, for those keeping track) I found I had been paid! Of course, I finally get a check on the day my dad puts money in my account. It figures. But hey, I can afford more toothpaste now. I've been squeezing this tube to its death for over a week now.

I had tacos with meat in them (one carne asada, one chicken) at La Taqueria to celebrate. I have heard often of the greatness of their meat, but am so addicted their vegetarian burrito with the addition of avocado (and I'm usually there to split food with Oleya) so I hadn't tried it yet. Actually, meat is quite expensive. The vegetarian stuff is much cheaper and just as delicious. It's good for a splurgey-type thing.

What else happened today? Well...I had a lazy morning, which was fine. Just punked around on the net. I'm excited about more involved in previews at GamePro--they are sending me to an event April...9th? I haven't been e-mailed the details yet and the date escapes me right now. I'm just happy to go. All I have on my plate right now is a (sort of crummy) DS game and an import preview of Time Hollow (also DS). I remember seeing a big booth for that at TGS, but I didn't pay attn. Maybe I should have! Actually, soon I'll be starting Opoona for Otaku USA, so that will rock.

OH, I remember the other thing. I spent like 15 minutes hanging out with a bored GameStop employee. It was sort of nice to talk randomly about games. Ended up confessing my profession. I guess I generally do, when I'm having a conversation with someone. It feels sort of awkward not to, and it establishes that I know about games (to some extent) without a whole lot of rambling. That said, telling them almost feels against the rules somehow, like there's this game we play where I have to go in there and buy games without them realizing that it's either for work, or an after-work treat, or research, or you know, whatever. I wonder how other people feel on this topic.

I'm cold and it's like 1:30, so I guess I can go to bed now!!! Been staying up so much later, lately, but there is no incentive to waking up early for me. Work doesn't even start until 10 really for most of my colleagues, and since I commute to the living room it's not a huge deal. Also, it's not like they need me'll be so nice to be needed in an office someday :D To have my presence requested... *daydream*

No! Night dream! Lights out, kids.

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