Monday, March 24, 2008

Anatomy of a Rickroller OR How I learned to stop worrying and love that song

The follow is a Rick Astley music video and a lightly edited version of a conversation a colleague and I had today regarding...


ruususokkusu (01:06:22 pm): you know
ruususokkusu (01:06:31 pm): i've never been rickrolled
ruususokkusu (01:06:36 pm): so today
ruususokkusu (01:06:44 pm): i rickrolled myself
jotaku (01:06:47 pm): hahah
jotaku (01:07:00 pm): on purpose?
ruususokkusu (01:07:01 pm): and...the thing is...this song? I used to really like this song in like 4th grade ;D
ruususokkusu (01:07:12 pm): also
jotaku (01:07:18 pm): I used to like it, too. I used to think a big, burly black guy sang it
ruususokkusu (01:07:35 pm): his music video reminds me of my friend's music videos, only less trippy
ruususokkusu (01:07:45 pm): like the way he is just dancing around singing by himself mostly?
ruususokkusu (01:08:26 pm): but yeah, you're right about the burly black guy syndrome
jotaku (01:08:37 pm): it's very strange!
jotaku (01:08:46 pm): I'm lucky I didn't actually see the video as a young lad
ruususokkusu (01:08:48 pm): if someone ELSE were singing it, i think it'd probably be even better
jotaku (01:08:52 pm): I might have been confused beyond belief
ruususokkusu (01:08:55 pm): hahaha
ruususokkusu (01:09:18 pm): I think maybe everyone is just insecure because they can't make the kind of commitment this guy can!! ;p
jotaku (01:09:24 pm): haha
ruususokkusu (01:09:35 pm): Everyone is so keen on giving everyone else up that they can't stand it, so they have to make fun.
jotaku (01:09:51 pm): he is NEVER gonna give you up
ruususokkusu (01:09:55 pm): Do you mind if put this convo in a blog post? ;D
jotaku (01:10:15 pm): haha do it!
ruususokkusu (01:10:22 pm): Oh, I totally will!

Let's have a tongue-in-cheek discussion about this.

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