Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thing and Events and Such and Such

Looking back through your Wii calendar is pretty much exactly like looking through old blog posts. All sorts of old memories, parades of new Miis smacking their first Wii Sports tennis ball, etc. For some reason mine has blanked out on the entire month of November and most of October. There's this gaping stretch of blank space which I know isn't supposed to be there becase I was too playing Wii games during that time. I reviewed some, even, so I know I was using my Wii. I wonder what made it forget.

Today I did go to J-town to play Go. We sat at a big table and I drank a can of Orangina. For some reason it seemed like the right thing to order, althogh I bet his iced tea was also tasty. The session was pretty much like a private lesson. I'm psyched! Gary has been playing for a lonnnnnnng time, around 20 years, I think (since he was a kid, basically) so he gave me lots of handicap stones. Anyways, he is really cool and explains all sorts of things. It was my first time playing on a board in real life, especially a full-sized board. I've dabbled before, but never actually sat down to play play. He said I made some really good moves, although he also pointed out some totally useless ones (lack of focus, already dead, etc). We're going to play again in a couple weeks, so I'm going to try to play at least a few times between now and then.

Marc came over and we were going to watch a movie, but instead we grocery shopped and played NES games. Good news is that bread, peanut butter, juice, milk, veggies, and bananas are all re-stocked. Bad news is that for some reason I can't afford even such basic items as these without a helping hand. All my money seems to be amassing behind a curtain somewhere. At the appointed time a white-gloved hand will whip it aside to reveal a pile of mad cash, which will, of course, have to go to loans, "rent", and buying dinner for all my friends who have been spotting me.

Last night I watched the first Naruto movie. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow! I remember reading an article about this in Otaku USA, but I had long forgotten anything it said. Basically, it's a character drama about this cowardly/bitter actress/princess who, of course, gets an attitude adjustment after meeting the powerhouse of can-doism who is Naruto. I'm not terribly interested in pile-driving through all the Naruto anime, but checking out the OVAs and movies seemed like fun.

The first movie was much better than the OVAs, especially that Konoha sports festival thing. The plot is as follows: Naruto needs to poop, but obstacles keep him from doing so in a socially acceptable manner. The resolution? We are left with the impression that in an extreme emergency, heroes are allowed to make a mess of themselves. Errrrm, right! Is that even funny for the target audience? Is this when I should start shouting, "What is it with guys and poop?" again? Or what?

You know, anime actually sounds really good right now. I think I'll have some and go to bed super late. The thing is, I should be working on this game I'm reviewing, but I'm uber stuck. There is a puzzle and it's one of those that either the answer is what I'm doing, but I'm not doing it perfectly enough for the game to register, thus making me doubtful of the solutoin, orrrrr what I'm doing isn't the answer and it's something even more ridiculous than what I've been trying to do. Either way, at this point (I've been trying to beat this level on-and-off for two days) I feel like it's the game's fault, which is a bummer because up until now I was kinda having an ok time *sigh*

I guess we should call it Cerberus syndrome.

But yeah, anime time. Tomorrow, well, I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I had wanted to make chili. If any meat eaters I know are reading this and want to front me money for ingredients, come on over and let's do it. If not, well, more work, and OH YEAH, don't let me forget to go visit Oleya's rats ;D

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