Monday, March 31, 2008

The "new" blog

This is not a new blog, obviously, since you're still here at the same url. I upgraded from "template" to "layout" finally, though, and scrapped all my sidebar links. I miss my old skin, but, you know, upheaval. I'm sort of somewhat considering commissioning a custom header or entire everything once I am not poor. I dunno from who. If you have any suggestions, feel free. Mother II has been suggested. I could see an anime collage. I could also see something remarkably like the way it looks now, only with a different header. I like the colors blue and orange together. (Way to go, Blogger!) If you know anyone who designs Blogger templates in their free time...or...

Yeah whatever. So it looks different (crappy?) for now. The sidebar links will come back, and they will be links to places I actually go often enough to remember the address, so word to that. I'm still not tagging.

For the moment, I just need to WORK.

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