Friday, March 28, 2008

Top Ten To Watch: Eurovision '08 - Part V (FINALE!)

So here are my two top picks. Not that it couldn't have been another order, because it was. I changed it a thousand times, haha! Anyhow, let's roll'em:

2. FINLAND - Teräsbetoni - Missä Miehet Ratsastaa

I know I said the French guy rocked, but what I meant is that these guys do--with guitars and viking screams.

So, is Finland going to win again? They totally broke the show with Lordi in '06. I had actually forgotten that, but they won hardcore.

Ok, so this band isn't dressed up as hellspawn, but I think this song is way better. It's just really catchy. Finland has leapt up the list because every time I listen to it I like it more and more and MOAR. Also, their lead singer is kind of handsome in an, "I can't believe that huge manly voice is coming out of such a mild mannered young lad!" sort of way. It's gonna be fun to see them live.




1. BELGIUM - Ishtar - O Julissi

My initial notes: "Oh, this is awesome. Pretty harmony, good beat, awesome. Acoustic. Woodwinds and a strum. This is very nice. I want them to win!!!! Thank you, thank you, Belgium. This is beautiful."

I just found out it's in a made up language. That only makes it cooler! Apparently, Belgium won *EDIT* second place in '03 with a song in a made up language. So, go figure, maybe it's a successful formula.

Mostly I just love the way this is so light-hearted and happy. I also can't help but think how it could be used to devastating effect in one of those looping

Anyhow, now we just get to settle down and wait. Less than two months! I really hope all my tops make it this year. Last time quite a few got cut : / Not like you can't watch the semi-final videos, but any of these that get cut probably (but not necessarily) mean one more lame ballad to sit through. Anyways, make sure to check out all the awesome/ridiculous videos I posted, and if you're curious, you can always go check out the rest, too.

Finally, I think I might actually have a party this year. Plans are in motion. If you want to join via AIM, I think we're going to have a chat room ;D so let me know! May 24th!!! Can't wait!!!

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Dan said...

correction the 2003 edition of the Eurovision song contest was won by Turkey. Sertab - Every way that I can. Belgium came second ( 2 points difference) with Urban Trad & Sanomi

Emily said...

You're right, I read this completely wrong! Fail >_<