Thursday, March 20, 2008


The number of the post immediately prior to this. I noticed, that's all! I'm not saying anything!

I meant to say the other day, though, that the bucket drummer shouter/singer fellow who plays around town somehow got a set! He was jamming away on this shiny drum set while I was waiting for the bus. Interesting! He seemed equally adept at actual drums as at buckets.

Today was relatively drama free, which was nice. Worked, had dinner with Oleya, went to live action club, saw Scotty, and now, relaxing with Oleya's iBook, as I often do while she putters around with chores or showers or something. She's going on vacation! But it'll be ok.

Incidentally, I'm very VERY excited because I have made arrangements to play Go this Saturday. How excited am I? VERY VERY EXCITED. I've been wanting to play this game for so long, so it'll be nice. I will probably enjoy it with no small swirl of sad nostalgia, but, you know. So it goes.

Oleya and I will bake more cookies tonight. The rest of the pb ones. I'll wander home again eventually. Etc, etc. Koji is getting much better at playing Fly Me to the Moon. Time marches on!

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