Monday, March 19, 2007

Top 5 Eurovisions to Watch

The exciting conclusion! Remember to see the videos here.

5: France - LES FATALS PICARDS - L'Amour à la Française


I took two stills each of 5-2.


France was feeling bilingual. This song is sort of like Romania's, only better. It has character, but it's sort of corny character. I wonder if this is their best song; the music is cool, but...meh. 5 is such a meh place. I'm sort of puzzled why they even got this high up.

4: Switzerland - DJ BOBO - Vampires Are Alive

And they're not kidding about it.


Yes, it's a dance track about vampires, probably in love, living forever.

vampires are alive

"And we will be forever young." Just watch this and laugh, because it's so serious.

3: Belgium - THE KGMS - Love Power


Stands for Krazy Mess Groovers--they're funkin' it up.


Yeah, this is one of the songs I actually like. I'm a sucker for a good jam, and I mean, that's what this contest is supposed to be about, right?

2: Israel - TEAPACKS - Push the Button

I know this is silly to say in a European contest, but (screw it, I'm not European) this guy scores points for his accent.

Push the Button

This song is UBER schizo. Language and style all change at a moments whim. Even the video goes animated after a bit.

push the button2

In any case, it's totally brilliant...and about terrorism. I love this song. Gotta find more stuff by this band. Hey, they have a myspace, how convenient :D







1: Germany - ROGER CICERO - Frauen Regier'n Die Welt

How...can you not love this guy?


He's got a great voice, a great look, and a great SWING BAND backing him up. Amazing. And he sings in German. It's beautiful.


He's also got a myspace, where you can check out more songs.


I can't wait to see him knock everyone's socks off in May!!

So there you have it. Of course, there are other songs that aren't...terrible. There are other songs that sound interesting, but these and to a lesser extent those in the last entry are the ones that I'm particularly interested in seeing come party time. And I really do want to throw a party this year, as opposed to last year, where I actually FORGOT to even watch it. BWA HA! *cough* :D


Chris said...

I had to study German for 5 years at school and decided that it's quite a horrible language. I'm looking forward to being proven wrong by Mr Swing Guy. Don't tell anyone I was watching Eurovision, though ¬_¬;

Emily said...

Aww, I like German. I studied it for...well, a semester (did six years of French, 1.5 of Russian...bunch of Japanese, some Spanish, yadda) but it was really fun. Actually, I was sort of scared of it before I took it, and thought it was goofy, but now I really appreciate it :D