Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ok, Ok, I'm working--I promise!!

But first, a story:

I just learned the word 忌まわしい, which means "abominable." What better way to remember this word than attach it to something I can automatically associate with?


But I knew there must be a word for snowman, possibly even other than スノーマン, so I looked it up. There it is: 雪だるま. "Yuki" as in snow, "daruma" as in...one of those funky little dolls...

Yeah, those.

Anyhow, so it's more like a "snow founder of Zen" ;D

Interestingly enough (or perhaps, not surprisingly, given Hokkaido o_O), they also have a word for "abominable snowman:" 雪男. This is the one that literally means "snowman," although something about that must be abominable to Japanese sensibilities. Now I'm very intrigued :D

Anyways, uhm, 忌まわしい means "abominable."

Now I'm gonna go accomplish things! That aren't blogging! W00t!


Chris said...

I saw those dolls and immediately thought of:


..help me :(

Emily said...