Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All manner of awesome

I got the boy the Absolute Edition and we read the first three chapters last night. So far I'm really enjoying it. Never read many comics, except maybe some manga, but even then not as much as I meant to. It's sort of weird to have your first real foray into actual comic comics be this weird post-glory pessimistic thing, where Superman is just a memory. I mean, I've never read a Superman comic in my life : / Anyways, nostalgia is sort of my style, anyhow :D Good luck finding any role models, though. This isn't that type heroism.

So, I'm having a really great day for no reason. Didn't want to sleep anymore despite it being only 7:56 in the morning when I woke up, so I had breakfast and set about reading some more history. I'm about half-way through! Europe is learning print books, so it's pretty exciting.

In three hours I'm gonna be hanging out with Shin at Cup-a-Joe, so hopefully we'll get along @_@ I want to speak Japanese, but I'm so nervous always >_< Anyhow, for the moment, I'm going to read about the Gospel of the Witches, since the article is featured on Wikipedia. Seems like the right way to continue the morning ^_^


BadMonkey said...

Y'know after reading Watchmen, pretty much any and all other comic books are gonna seem a bit rubbish. Hope the studio lets Zack Snyder make the movie though, and I hope he doesn't mess it up!

Emily said...

Blargh. Not sure if it's possible to not screw it up. And to do it right it'd have to be rated like...X lol