Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indistinct Ramblings

So, since I'm not allowed to eat anything after breakfast because of my doctor's appt this afternoon, of course even thought I'm not really hungry I'd like to be munching on something. Like a donut. Orrrrr some of the leftover korokke in the fridge, or anything, really. Not being able to just makes everything look that much tastier.

I realized I haven't really been blogging about work. It hasn't been so bad lately, especially since I changed my schedule to MWF. Actually, though, the past couple weeks have just been MW since they mixed up the day I wanted off. Tomorrow I took just because it'll be nice to have a day after this whole doctor thing to relax and play games, turn in a preview, that sort of thing, probably get stuff to make TUNA MELTS with.

Anyhow, yesterday at the store there were two bloggable events. I'm going to start looking for bloggable events to keep my mind off the numbing boredom. The first is that I was viciously attacked by a pointy plastic bag. It left stingy little scratches on my hand, and I'm not sure what I did to provoke that.

SECONDLY, however, was an even better thing. This Chinese family came in with twin boys, about 3 years old, maybe? 4? They both had hi-lighted faux hawks to match their parent's highlights. The mom and one boy had blond, while the dad and the other boy had red. It was...totally adorable. The twins were sitting in the shopping cart sword-fighting with the sticks that indicate where your groceries end and that other guy's begins. They looked so sad when I had to take them away *sniff* but they still blew Erin and I kisses as they were wheeled out the door.

I wonder what age it is that kids don't sort of auto-smile back at you. There was a baby in the other day and babies always always smile at me, unless they're already cranky and crying or something, too busy squirming uncomfortably to notice me. All the babies are my friends :D These kids, though, the two twins, they were just sort of blank. More the, "I don't know you, why are you smiling at me?" face. The kisses were just a demo of their no doubt charming personality programmed by their parents.


Seems like the Freeloaders project will be under way soon. Not sure exactly when, but there is certainly no lack of material to use. All we need is the template and I can write up a storm. Hopefully the video of Pixeljam will get edited somehow. Seems like everyone is too busy, but maybe the boy and I will just do it tomorrow...

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