Saturday, March 24, 2007

Breakthrough in Pancake Science

Wheat flour!

*chorus of angels*

Not that regular is bad, or anything, but I experimented with wheat today and it's glorrrrious. So yummy! @_@

Next question is how much sugar? I didn't really measure today, since there was barely left in the box, and I think I must have added more than I usually do (probably closer to what the recipe I sort of follow calls for--1/4 cupish--that's to a cup of flour.) They were very tasty. I had them with apple sauce, although I did splurge on super expensive pure maple syrup...

I'm actually quite proud of myself. Having been up an hour I saved 18 dollars at the grocery store (which means that by buying loads of cheap soup, I effectively got that expensive maple syrup free, plus a bit) AND I took the garbage out AND I made a tasty breakfast. Floor sweeping and videogaming to follow...

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