Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yet Another Food Blog

Last night I finally went grocery shopping at the store where I work. We're going to attempt gyudon tonight, which should be easy enough, especially since the rice is already done:

rice cooker

I got some salmon to have for lunch with some nori and whatnot. I call it onigiri, but I probably shouldn't...

horrid little onigiri

What I have known for a long time is that I am pretty much the antithesis of Japanese cooking. Well, not entirely, but at least as far as presentation goes. I really REALLY don't care. I mean, clean dishes are nice when available, but as far as the actual food goes I just want it to taste like it should. If it TASTES like seaweed and grilled salmon with a bit of soy sauce and freshly steamed rice, then that is awesome. That picture is particularly horrid due to the fact that I wrapped it and put it in the fridge. I KNOW that the seaweed will get all soggy and I KNOW that it's poor form to do it that way. I also know that it's not folded or rolled or compacted correctly. Hopefully the soggy seaweed won't change the fact that it's YUMMY. I have had store-bought soggy seaweed ones with no complications, so I imagine it will be fine.

What surPRISES me is that while the grocery store around the corner has canned salmon, the Japanese one does not. Really, it's just as well, because I'm sure I'd be charged an arm and a leg for it. Next time I feel like fakey-onigiri, I'll just get the canned stuff and see how that is, cuz buying grilled every time might be ridiculous. Of course, it is so incredibly cheap for me to have perfect store-bought onigiri that I may as well take advantage of it while it lasts.

Brought home some recently expired yomogi anpan (mugwort...? flavored red bean buns) and they are tasty. Also had some bibimbap prepared veggies, although I was too hungry to wait for the rice and decided to eat the salmon rather than fry an egg to go with it. More like salad that way.

Hopefully my stomach will survive all this stuff :D

In other news, I finally went into the awesome British import store. It is pretty much around the corner give or take a couple blocks.

from the british import store

Fingers and Malteasers remind me of being ill in Northhampton (although I was better by the time we were eating candy :D) I kinda began to miss England a bit : / They had meat pies and Lucozade and all sorts of things. Real live Mars bars, too, although as you can see I didn't get one. That was a distinct oversight. NO JAFFA CAKES. That was almost a personal affront, but I managed to withstand it. The Lion bar and Kinder Bueno almost made up for it by making me nostalgic for France at the same time. Although I ate more Country than Bueno. Note also that I have purchased a pack of the FABLED Jammie Dodgers. Although I've heard of them before, this will be my first time having any.


Robert Pfeffer said...

Hi Emily

Don't know your email address so I leave it here as a comment.

You're quick. Last week I commented a South African's blog and got no answer so far. Cloud Atlas was a gift from my daughter on my recent birthday. Her boy friend had started reading it in German but gave up for unknown reasons.

I live with my wife and a Persian cat 12 miles north of Zurich, close to the German border. Bulach is a village with about 15,000 inhabitants. I'm employed in the IT office of a 300+ manufacturing company. Since 1979 I'm involved with apprentices, at the factory and as a part time teacher at the local vocational training school. Apprenticeships are an important part in the Swiss education system. Apprenticeships are governed by a host of federal and state laws and acts. About 50 % of teenagers from 16 to 18 embark on a 4- or 3-year apprenticeship.

I just read another blog where someone cites Charles Murray who claims that 40 % of American teenagers attend to college while actually only 15 % are really qualified. What woud you say to Charles Murray?

Last week, exactly on the day of the spring equinox (March 21) the weather turned cold and snow fell when almost everybody had changed his car to summer tyres. Worse still, this weekend I couldn't neither use my bicycle nor one of my motorbikes.

See my home page for more my life at Most is written in German but with 3,000 of my pictures text is not that important.

Tell me more of the pet on your shoulder. Is it a tame rat? Seems to be too big for a hamster.

You're still very young with plenty of time to come back to merry old Switzerland. Great, you don't confuse us with Sweden! Back in 1968 I spent five months as a car mechanic in Bethesda/Md with a flat in Washington D.C. Those were the days ...


Chris said...

This post made me hungry for Jaffa Cakes! I'm not too keen on any of the others and.. wait, when were you in England?

Emily said...

I snuck away (literally, it's a long story) to England for a couple weeks before my study abroad in Paris started. I'll tell you about it later ;D

BadMonkey said...

Yeah, you really did sneak over here. I woulda been mad at you but you seemed plenty upset yourself... that drive home from the airport wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs was it? Still we can look back and laugh now, can't we? Wish I'd been a better host, there's so much more to do and see here, or at least there is when the country is open!

Emily said...

Yeah, it was cool that the exact day we decided to visit things was the one day out of the entire year they were closed or something equally conspiratorial like that.