Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oh! Hi, everybody :D

Those are the locations of my readers for the 13-17th--click to enlarge. Wow! Google Analytics is pretty fancy. I had no idea Piipo-kun would be such a driving force for my traffic ;p

FFXII: Revenant Wings, anyone?

See, now I KNOW that you're all here, so you can't hide by not posting comments ;D I mean, c'mon, we could all talk about cool indie games, or something.


Chris said...

No marker on Scotland? Ha, my ninja stealth training has finally paid off. I evaded Google!

Chris said...

I don't have a 1up login so I'll just tell you here: "Mana Banana" is the probably best blog entry title ever.

Emily said...

w00t thanks :D

And HUM, I didn't know they had ninjas in Scotland. Go figure. Intarweb Ninjaaaaaaaa!