Friday, March 23, 2007

1UP Action

Recent previews:

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Harvest Moon Wii
Heroes of Mana
Kotoba no Pazuru: Mojipittan DS
Mercury Meltdown Revolution

More next week. Aside from that, the localization club has been discussing Ainu folklore a bit, with a new member even busting out some translation! I'm really psyched!

Annnnd this morning I posted the boy's encounter with Calorie Mate on my game blog, complete with photo documentation. Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha! (For some reason there is a formatting problem in the permalink that doesn't show up on my actual page. Dunno what to do with that, so it's just going to be there, I guess.)

Look forward to more awesome soon :D including...I sure hope, Freeloaders stuff! I really dunno when we're launching this thing, but I'm gonna start writing columns soon to put some pressure on. Really the only person I'd be stressing out would probably be the boy, which is horrible and he doesn't need it, but I hope whoever needs to get their act together will do it when he tells them to!! RAR!!

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Chris said...

I still don't have a account so once again, I'm leaving a comment here.

The Calorie Mate bit was funny - The Boy even looks a bit like Solid Snake! I didn't actually know that Calorie Mate was a real product until now. In that case, I'm assuming that money had already exchanged hands for it to appear in the game, so it's unlikely that he'd say "Ugh, Colonel, I think I'm gonna throw UP!". In MGS4 he'll wash it down with some refreshing 7up.