Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1st

Sitting here on the edge of my seat with a stomach full of smoothie (which went much SMOOTHER, har har, this time) and 9-grain French toast. Good breakfast. Lots of food, though. Anyhow: ANTICIPATION.

I found this crazy ESL tutor opportunity where I can make about as much, but possible more (depends on what my schedule at the store would end up being, but honestly happiness is worth more than like 20 bucks...) than I do at my grocery store job for tutoring five hours a week. It's brilliant insanity and I just need that e-mail to come shooting through my inbox that says in flaming glory, "YES, YOU ARE THE ONE." My reply to the ad was pretty powerhouse, so we'll see what happens...

hopefully soon.

I sent it last night...

ARRRGH! Updates forthcoming...I HOPE.


Oh, and this... Why am I suddenly referencing a song from the '60s? I dunno, ask the editor @_@


Nothing yet : / I thought for sure I would get something this afternoon while I was at work, but nooooooooooo dice...

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