Monday, March 26, 2007

Clash of the--OMIHELL it's the week already again

Yesterday we cleaned a lot and then cooked a bunch and then finally settled down to watch a movie. The boy got me Clash of the Titans LAST weekend, but we never got around to checking it out. For some reason I was under the impression it was a lot older than '81, at least like...'77, or maybe '72. That isn't that much older, but the 70s seem very different from the 80s. I guess I was under the impression because Jason and the Argonauts is from '63. Actually, this movie is Ray Harryhausen's last role as super special effects creator extraordinaire, so it wasn't totally off-base of me to think of things connected to him as being more 60s/70s.

I'm pretty sure Perseus looks like a Greek version of my sister's boyfriend, which was sort of weird. I mean it's not a perfect, but there is definitely a distinct resemblance.

I really enjoyed the movie. It felt like something that could make a good video game, actually, but then that's why I was given it as a place-holder for God of War 2 (they were out of copies.) The boy was quick to note that all of the actors who were "too good to be in this movie" were playing the gods, which is sort of funny. Would never have recognized Laurence Olivier, though. Did a good job at portraying the uber-bastard nature of Zeus, though. The look of beast-fellow Calibos

remind me of not so much this

as the devil puppet in Jan Svankmajer's Faust, which the above reminded me of enough that I quit looking for an actual picture of it.


Anyways, now I really do want to see Jason and the Argonauts.

In other news, I can't believe it's Monday. Not only that, but it's raining...


OH and I got my first check from Ziff Davis. I'm officially officially a freelancer now, I guess. Whoo hoo.

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