Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blender mishap! OH NOEZ


(what you get when you google "oh noes")

Flaming hell, though! (And that right there is the tie-in, I guess...) The blender was all taken apart from the last cleaning, so I'm takin' the receptacle out and putting it on the counter, cheerfully ready to have a tasty smoothie. Adding my half a banana, some frozen blue and raspberries, a little milk. Then to my CREEPING HORROR I see that the milk is forming a little puddle underneath and that of course, the BIT WITH THE BLADES THAT CLOSES THE THING is still in the cupboard. It's not full-on milk chaos yet, but there really isn't much to do besides attempt to slide the whole thing off the counter directly into the bottom. Now it IS milk chaos, with splatters on all surfaces, everywhere, mess mess mess.

One I managed to get everything in there and mixed, it was, of course, delicious, but I'm trying to decide if it was worth all this trouble.

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