Monday, February 12, 2007

zomg scheduling @_@

So tomorrow, which was to have been my (week)day off, has turned into a whirlwind of activity. Rather than sit at home and translate whatever I want (or not) at my leisure, I planned to attend a PR event with 1Up. This was exciting and fun-sounding. I would have the afternoon to write and translate and relax.

Suddenly, however, I am thrust into being that flexible employee I claimed I would be, when it turns out that the grocery store has to send three cashiers to San Jose to help at the new store. Instead of chilling and intermittently dreading the three day stretch of working afternoons to come, I will actually be...working!! Gah!

It's ok, though. More work = more money. This I must remember!

I also have some dollars from my Mom since she loves me and it's Valentine's Day on Thursday.

I also made a new friend today who is as dissatisfied as I am with his employment situation. We think exactly alike, even down to impaired digestion in the workplace!

Anyhow I should try to keep my chin up.

Puts less stress on all parties involved.

And it's really not that bad. Compared to many gigs I could be working (i.e. a REGULAR grocery store) it's not so bad at all.

Thinking about applying for Reviews Intern at 1Up, but I dunno how I'm going to fit that in. Has to be done by next Friday. It was anxiety-inducing enough the first time around (i.e. back when I applied for previews intern.) It's also too bad that I can't just use my recently published previews as writing samples. They want two reviews of a semi-recent game (two different lengths.) I'm thinking Contact, but we'll see if I can get up the guts to do it.

In the meantime, I've been working on a preview that will maybe go up this week. Mostly I'm just hoping I get a chance to take a peek at what I have heard it may be possible to take a peek at tomorrow. And then maybe I would get assigned to write about it and then maybe that would entail an interview or something. Somehow I doubt many of these things, but it could happen.

That said, I'm gonna have to shuffle home from work tomorrow night to write stuff. Man, I'm gonna have to pack a bag. Probably will go straight from PR to groceries. Work clothes, notebook, uncanny ability to slave away at a cash register all afternoon...those sorts of items; they might fit in my backpack.

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Seth said...

it's actually v-day on wed...