Sunday, February 04, 2007

Downsides to the grocery business

Or rather, the grocery cashier business.

In all my happiness about getting a job I realized that I forgot to factor in the PAIN that comes of bagging groceries. I was soooooo sore last night, which uber sucked cuz we were at a fun party and I would've much rather been in tip-top shape.

I had that thing where something in your neck is pinching ALL the way down your arm, and my wrist hurt, etc etc. Back, feet, everything. ALL HURTY.

Number 2 extreme suckage is that I lost my ring. The ring Scotty gave me for X-mas is probably nestled in someone's shungiku right now. This is very upsetting. Scotty said not to worry about it at all, not an expensive ring, he would get me a new one, but I still feel pretty crummy about it. My finger is lonely ;_; and I really liked having it. When I told one of my co-workers, they said that if people find them they generally bring them back, so I'm crossing my fingers for that...

My third complaint is that a fifteen minute break is JUST enough time to WOLF down a bento. No 2 second phone calls, even. It sucks. Plus after you've WOLFED down your bento, it's not like you have the luxury of digesting it at all. You're back out on the floor bagging like a banshee and no wonder your stomach is all messed up when you get home.


In other news, Kitsune Udon is REALLY bad for you! It's all that fried bean curd, but I guess I hadn't thought of it that way. Just had it for the first time, instant for lunch, heh.

Next week I work MT 3-8 and RF 2-8, so that gives me time to freelance and hit up friends, etc.


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