Friday, February 23, 2007

On becoming disillusioned with bento

Yeah, I need to stop or it'll just put me off Japanese food completely. The freeness of it at the end of the day when they're just going to throw it out is tantalizing, yes, but we aren't so poor anymore. Groceries are well within the budget.

I know I've commented on this before, somewhere, but it's all so sweet. Maybe once in a while is ok, but nearly everyday is just a mistake. Lunch today was depressingly unsatisfying. Just made me feel yucky. Wish I would've just gone to the grocery store this morning instead of spending three hours reading the Internet.

I'm gonna lay off it for a while, I think. Of course, that kills the best perk of the job, but if it's free food you don't want and you have the means to get something you do, then it's probably healthier to go buy it. They all look really good, but it seems like once you dig in it all tastes the same. Sweet sweet sweet. I'd rather eat plain vegetables and then enjoy a dessert, thanks.

To ameliorate the current situation I've raided the tea end of the shelf in the pantry (which for some reason is stocked to overflowing. Neither of us knows why it is there.) Plain green tea is wonderful right now.

PS - Rather disappointed with the editing job on this one, but it's up nonetheless.

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