Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, I was going to have pictures, but they weren't working out, sooooo screw it. I bought a Tiger rice cooker/steamer (but not from Amazon, since they're sold out...), David Mitchell's Black Swan Green, and, as expected, Let's Cook Japanese Food!.


The rest of my check is for groceries etc. Plus it's already pay-day again a week from tomorrow ANYWAYS, not to mention all that free money from school I have coming.

I had a shitty morning, but a terrific breakfast of diced ham, eggs, green onions with toast (which I devoured), potatoes (which I picked at a bit) and an espresso milkshake (which was pretty damned awesome.) I deserved all of this.

I have to head out to work soon, but I gotta go to the library in Chinatown to pick up a book I had sent over. It's that New Penguin History of the World which I actually own, but not in San Francisco. I was reading it (at various points in my recent life) but never got very far because school was in the way. I feel like I have more time now. I think I left off somewhere in Ancient..Rome? I'll find my spot somehow...

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