Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cancer Drugs and Wind Power

So, has everyone heard that cancer might be cured? According to Wikipedia, the news was first published in Cancer Cell.

From the website:

"Cancer Cell publishes exciting and highly significant studies in a broad range of cancer research, from those elucidating significant advances in understanding the disease processes of cancer to those establishing new paradigms in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancers."

Anyhow, I was surprised I hadn't heard about it yet. I kinda try to keep my head poked out of the turtle shell. It's been picked up in a couple places...oh wait, here's Newsweek. So maybe it is getting more coverage. Or maybe I just came to it old. Anyhow, if you haven't heard yet it's good news.

Then I was reading in Wired about wind power ideas. I just love the fact that when people come up with these great ideas they get shot down because, “They saw us as competing with oil and natural gas.” Oi. It just reminded me of the cancer drug thing because the people who were passing it around were wondering why they hadn't seen a bigger happiness about it and thought that maybe the drug companies would be mad.

How can anyone be upset about cancer cures and cleaner energy? How about we screw MONEY for once, and just make things better. People are such idiots.


spades said...

There was a global conference in Milwaukee about the current energy crisis.

The speaker, Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi-California-states

"FEB 1 importation of electric energy from outside of the state is now prohibited." 1/30/07

Wind power is energy safe?

hi emily

Emily said...


Uhm, did you read the article? They are pretty excited about the potential, at least of the coast of like Texas and Lousiana.

See also that kickin' article about cutting down submerged (flooded) forests for the preserved timber.

spades said...

I was privileged to speak with him.

There must be a hyperlink to the article in syntacticforest, I will look for this again. (I didn't read the article).

I will look for them soon.


Hope' Scott&You are healty-