Monday, February 26, 2007

Making a meal out of spinach salad

This...isn't going very well. I've been kinda craving food from home lately, and was thinking about spinach salad the other day. Asked my mom for the recipe and discovered it includes the following:

spinach (drr)
Italian dressing
hard-boiled egg
green onions

Well, I don't have green onions because I forgot to get them. I don't really like raw mushrooms, so I decided to fry them a bit in what was left in the pan after I poured off the bacon fat. The eggs are finishing hard-boiling now...

Basically what I have so far looks less like a salad than something liable to give me a stomach ache. I was thinking two pieces of bacon, an egg, some mushrooms, a bunch of spinach, and a little bit of dressing. Everything is assembled minus the egg, and it looks horribly unhealthy and...just...not even good.


Well, hopefully the eggs are cooked. Maybe it is better to refrigerate them a while before using them. I would have pictures, but my camera is out of batteries (as usual) and it's not that exciting.

Tastes good, but I'm worried that may just be because it's bad for me or something : / I mean essentially it tastes like a breakfast scramble, only it's based more on the spinach and less on the egg.


OH GOD LOOK OUTSIDE...I have to walk to work in that. Damn rain. Damn cashiering.

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