Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Minus the film minor

I realize I mentioned something connected with me not being a film minor anymore and then subsequently forgot to explain it further. Well, here's the explanation.

I got an e-mail from school late last week telling me that I was two units short for my minor. I have the five classes, but they add up short. Why is this the case? Well, it's simply an artifact of the fact that I transferred. In Wisconsin, regular classes are three units whereas at UOP for some dumb reason they are four. Two classes transferred, two units short. A sad sad face.

I'm not sure why they can't just understand that it's the same amount of work, just a different credit/unit system. Anyhow, they said I could take a summer course on Woody Allen, which honestly, I would've liked to take that class anyhow, but now? They expect me to go live on Campus for a summer session and pay them stupid amounts of money? Well, not quite. I've been offered the "opportunity" to do (another) independent study from here. It would involve watching and discussing movies, writing papers, and stupid amounts of money.

How stupid? Well, try $930 per unit (according to the course catalog) which would have me at $1860 by the time the whole gory mess is over. No, I think I'll pass. It's not like anyone is going to hire me based on whether or not I completed my film minor and I'd MUCH rather have my new PC.

Hopefully we can count this as the FINAL final insult, and the rest of my graduation will go off without incident.

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