Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yesterday was quite the happy day. There is nothing I can say here really that I didn't already say over there, but nonetheless.


I'm not kidding about the anime. There is so much I want to see, just like there are so many games I want to play.

So many good things!

This morning I'll probably be writing up a preview and then reading, though. I'm a bit foggy on what was going on in The Odyssey and since Ryan lost his copy I might as well just finish the thing. That and the New Penguin History of the World.

Took a break over the weekend to read American Born Chinese, a comic combining three stories: the legend of the Monkey King, the trials and tribulations of a young guy growing up as a Chinese American, and a white guy annoyed by his obscene stereotype of a cousin.

Of course, it features the young Chinese American fellow turning into a complete klutz around the girl he likes. Do guys really do that? I asked the boy, and he doesn't recall ever having such moments. SOMEBODY must experience this type of faculty-numbing attraction, because it's all over. Seems like their always has to be at least one kid with a bumbling crush.

I liked the twist ending. I won't reveal what it is, but just say that it was a nice trippy surprise.

Yesterday I flipped through I Never Liked You. Tried to find a different pic, but this one is pretty good:

Shows off the slightly fleshed out stick figure that is the main character. Apparently all the stuff in this story actually happened to the author back in the 60s/70s. Feels very much like real life, though. In fact, since I was just thinking about the klutz-crush cliché, it's really obvious now that this one is a much more realistic portrayal of the situation. He thinks about her, thinks about when to reveal how he feels, is either shy or uncommitted--much more what you tend to encounter in actual human relations. Sort of a depressing story, but I usually enjoy this slice-of-life type stuff.

Both of those books were lent to me by friends. I like being recommended or lent things. It's cool to know what people you know are into, I think. Kind of like anime club, since we can all share our favorite shows. Makes me happy ^_^

In less happy news:


Should I never drink coffee again? I dunno, but it's been on my mind for a while. Doesn't seem to do me much good at all, in fact, I'd say it's detrimental, but it's so good and also one of my favorite social activities. Damn you, coffee, for being so delicious with milk, and smelling so comfy when your beans are freshly ground. DISTRESS!


"I think there's nothing more melancholy than not being able to muster enough feeling," Jenn explained, as we discussed I Never Liked You. Sorta hit me over the head all of the sudden, that it's true, and that the artist really does do a good job portraying it in the comic. Whether in love or mourning, it's impossible for the main guy to express how he feels, or maybe even feel it.

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