Sunday, April 01, 2007

Canned Soup: A Disparaging Rant + A Theater Outing + Jobs

I bought a bunch while it was on sale thinking it would be good for nights when I get home from work and want something with vegetables.

Then I did it again.

Not sure why! I don't really like soup all that much. Chicken soup is good for when your sick, maybe, but other than that...

I think all the pea soup variety is doing is putting me off pea soup so when I get the opportunity again to eat REAL, TASTY pea soup that my mom makes I won't be as excited.

That and giving me a stomach ache for some reason.

That just makes two of us feeling rather ill for no reason (the boy has a headache.) We just returned from Emperor Norton, The Musical, which was just a short walk from home in a tiny little basement theater. The Imperial Council was in attendance, as the closing performance was a benefit for them. Anyhow, good fun. I found myself feeling that many of the songs were a bit down tempo, but there were some perkier ones as well. I can't decide whether the dogs or the club host were more show-stealing. They both had their moments. The guy who played the Emperor himself seemed pretty much right on. I mean, he had the crazy failed businessman thing going for him. I'm sort of wondering about the portrayal of Mark Twain, whether it was in any way accurate. I don't know much about him, although there's a recent biography of him that I'd like to take a look at.


As for the rest of the evening, *shrug* I wish it weren't Monday tomorrow. Or at least, I wish I had a different job to go to. Getting real sick of the store again, between rude customers and co-worker friction, I'm just not feeling very good about it. That's not to say there aren't SOME cool things, like the book club. I'm almost a third of the way through The Odyssey. I think we're moving too fast. At this rate we'll be done with it before we have a chance to discuss even the first couple chapters. I'd like to say it's ok to get off to a rough start, but hopefully the start is all I'll be around for. It'd be nice to have a new gig by the time we finish this book...

Speaking of which, I finally ended up applying at the Academy of Art. The salary is much better than the one I get currently and they offer the opportunity to take an undergrad art course for free :D Amy was always recommending that I join her ranks, so hopefully now I will (part-time administrative assistant Emily, whoooooo.) Either that or maybe at the end of next month I will impress AMITY during the interview process and they will hire me to teach English in Japan, so I'll whisk myself (and the boy) away never to be heard from again, until we move to Alaska, that is.


Robert Pfeffer said...

Hi Emily

A nice modern book to go with The Odyssey is "Travels with Herodotus"
by Ryszard Kapuscinski.

What's the book club about? I take part in a book club here in Zurich. But it's a hard life for a none-native English speaker. Not the books, but the discussions. We meet about every six weeks in a flat of one of the members. Current book is "The once and future King" by T.H. White. Next book will be "Cleaver" by Tim Parks.


Emily said...

We don't really have a theme. It's just something fun for the employees of the grocery store to do. I was actually going to blog a bit more about it because the notebook I bought for the club went missing.