Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mammoth Task

I've been taking the gradually disappearing archives of my 1UP blog and putting them into my name-holding game blog. It's taking a long time, mostly because I'm trying to take advantage of labels.

This is why my other blogs don't HAVE labels. It's time consuming. Also, sometimes you later think of a label and have to go back through everything. I dunno. I'm a perfectionist, maybe. Anyhow, I'm doing it by series, system, and categorizing everything as a 1UP backlog in case I ever write original stuff there. I shouldn't have said "backlog." Should've said "archive," but if you think I'm going to go in and change all the posts I've moved over the past two days, you're WRONG.

Other than that I'm previewing some things this week and working at the grocery store, as usual. And eating junk food. And reading stuff, trying to study, or pretending I want to study, or something. Or something or something or something. Monday I was very depressed. Yesterday was fine. Today...I dunno. Somewhere in the middle, I guess.

Yesterday afternoon Shin and I had a productive meeting. Managed to talk for two hours without looking at the clock and then realized we had better be going. We spoke mostly English, but I did say some stuff in Japanese. Tried to explain Emperor Norton. Anyhow, I think it will be good if I take notes of stuff I can't find in dictionaries. Should take advantage of the slang potential.

I hope my kanji DS thing gets here soon...maybe today. That would be nice.

Wonder how the book club at work is going. Maybe someone posted on it yesterday while I was gone? Somehow I doubt it, unless it was to say "Hey, 'sup?"

Probably I will read another chapter of The Odyssey and then play some more Dawn of Mana.

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