Saturday, April 21, 2007

Girl's Night In

Yes, the girl being me.

I took pictures, but only after the fact, so I'm not sure they're really fit for inclusion or not. In either case, the cord for hooking my camera up to the computer is mysteriously misplaced.

Picture 1: Me and my DVD menu of the evening, Me and You and Everyone We Know. I had it mislabeled in my head as more of a chick flick than it actually was. I enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would, though. In fact, I wish I would've paid more attention. I spent a lot of time looking down at applies (EDIT: I'm going to leave this typo in since I've been making it all day and think it is ridiculous.) I was peeling and slicing.

Picture 2: There were lots of leftover apples. In fact, I may just make another pie. We have another pie pan.

Picture 3: The carcass of dinner. I went out and bought a rotisserie chicken (herb) from the grocery store. I have been craving one these past weeks and thought it an appropriate choice since I was faced with dining alone. That makes it sound dreadful, but actually I was just excited about having chicken and didn't have to worry about the fact that the boy isn't so partial to it. Anyhow, the pic I took is actually quite...graphic. It's post pickings. There is probably like...a couple pounds? of chicken in the fridge right now. I can already taste that first leftover sandwich. Can't wait!

That's the photo essay you may or may not see. Like I said, very half-assed. The real point, though, is that instead of moping around on the Internet or forcing myself to get more work done I decided to be nice to myself and get things I wanted and do things I like.

The boy is out with friends doing varying things and I was actually out earlier at a friend's place, but then he had something akin to a date. Before I left we played some MAME, watched some youtube, chatted about some lifey things. He sent me the ROM for Final Fantasy Adventure, which is actually a mana game. Oddly, now that I look at the box art through that link I've totally seen it before, just never played it. It's funny, because I remember looking at the SNES box art for a couple FF games as a kid and never playing them, either. I think it must've been the box art that threw me somehow.

Anyhow, I've been also, in addition to rotisserie chicken (and mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and carrots), craving warm applie pie with vanilla ice cream. To this end I have prepared No Crust Apple Pie because I was feeling lazy. I, too, really sincerely enjoy pie crust, but the fact of the matter is that I didn't want to clean up enough to have enough space to roll out a crust, nor did I want to tiptoe around the area of SHORTENING which is now...the devil. There are oil based crusts and butter based crusts, but in the end this recipe promises the taste of a butter based crust only just sort of mixed in with the applies in an interesting way. It will be an apple...bake...or something. There is certainly a lot of sugar in it. Hopefully not too much. The vanilla ice cream has been bought as low-fat BECAUSE I figure you don't really need full fat vanilla ice cream. To me, who does sometimes enjoy plain vanilla ice cream, but is more likely to put it in or on top of something else with plenty of fat and sugar itself, the full hit of ice cream calories is not really necessary. That said, I did a taste test when I got home and it is pretty darned good, or at least vanilla-y enough. It's also slow-churned, whatever that means(but rather than Edy's as the link would imply, it's Dreyer's which is apparently the same thing, only West of the Mississippi. Strange.)

The movie I enjoyed quite a bit, despite being occupied with apples. My favorite part was the little boy, because the Internet is a weird weird place. That I know very well. I also like their ASCII art. The soundtrack is also very great.


and one more thing. Blast from the oh-so-nostalgia-filled past:

Oh, this song. I love this song so much. One of my first J-POP songs, from way the freak back in high school introduced to me by my the same person (my first boyfriend) who introduced me to anime etc. This is one of those things that could possibly be minorly credited in a shout-out to "things that inspired me to study Japanese" as geeky as that is. As a sidenote, I've never seen this video before. In fact, I've never played Rockman X4, either, but...I just love this song.

Anyhow, there is apple to pick up off the floor, or something, so I'll go do that and play video games and stuff and sing this song.

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