Sunday, April 22, 2007

3 weeks

I renewed The History of the World for the third time this morning. I think that will probably be the last time they will let me without returning it for a while or something first...not exactly sure how that goes. Anyhow, I have it until May 13. That's about 21 days and I have about 23 chapters to go. Or about 527 pages.

That's 25 pages a day, which isn't so bad, really, but it's a history book. Tends to be boggy. And lately I've been having increasingly LESS free time since I'm busy with writing and work and games and such. I guess this can just be part two of my regime. I need to have a schedule, I guess, because I need to finish this book and study Japanese.

Maybe I'll think about that.

EDIT: I will never finish this book or become fluent in Japanese, but I might write about video games a whole bunch.

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