Monday, April 09, 2007

Has it been that long? THE BIG POST

Sorry I've been slacking off. There HAS been stuff going on, just haven't really been in the right mind-set to say anything intelligent or witty about it. Still not sure if I am or not, but if I put it off any longer no one will ever read my blog again...


For instance...

Last night the boy and I watched The Silence of the Lambs. I went with the tasteful picture above rather than the box art (which pretty much everyone knows, but you don't know why there's a MOTH if it's about LAMBS until you watch it) or something like...well, I was trying to find a really nasty still to paste up here and scare all the kiddies, but so it goes...can't find what I want (i.e. ambulance spoilers.)

I seem to remember being very small and coming downstairs because I couldn't sleep or was thirsty or something the night my parents rented this movie back when it was new. They told me to go back to bed and probably that I didn't want to watch it anyways. Of course, now being a NEAR FILM MINOR (more on that later *stew smolder burn*) I appreciate it's artful story-telling and am mature enough to look past the gore. Still yucky, though ;D

**spoilers??** According to the boy one of the sequels (actually, the prequel, I think) is decent and the rest suck. I generally agree with him that it would've been better to just end it like it ended. The premise is what made this movie good--having to rely on one serial killer to catch another, bartering personal info. It's tense! It's novel! It's good! The ending is ominous and spooky. He's out there. Whoaz. It should just stay like that. You don't have to tell us what he gets up to because, again agreeing with the boy, it just becomes another serial killer movie with gratuitous gore and phoo to that.**end spoilers**


In other news, we've entered the short hard wait for this week's Dr. Who.


As opposed to the long hard wait that was between X-mas and two weeks ago. Very happy to meet what'shernameohMartha. The girl's acting style reminds me somewhat of my sister's for some reason. I guess the fact that I generally see my sister in A Christmas Carol with such an accent as that, but also the facial expressions and things. Little things.

**spoilers??** I like this silly idea of having two doctors. THE and a. Have they not done it before? I guess you need to build some momentum. Anyhow, both episodes have been pretty much completely enjoyable so far, especially the Harry Potter fan service in the second. Somewhat annoyed by the incessant pining for Rose, but hopefully he'll get over it. Or maybe not. I mean I underSTAND, but I nor anyone I know was so fond of her as The Doctor was. *shrug* **end spoilers**

Anyhow, I guess I didn't have as much to say about that as I thought. Mostly I'm just surprised how much I missed it. The boy really got me hooked.

I guess now I can talk about all that other crud. Like how I didn't get the reviews intern spot at 1UP and am relegated to the store for part of my time. Looking on the BRIGHT side, you could say that perhaps they are pleased with me and what I'm currently doing to the point where they don't want to lose that, but on the OTHER hand I didn't get the job and I didn't even get an INTERVIEW for the job or a response to my humble "just checking back" e-mail. So it goes. Haven't heard from the Academy of Art, either. I was sort of hoping I would. So THAT goes.

And so the book club goes. Someone took the notebook right off the break room table. I clearly marked the notebook (mentioning also the pen so it wouldn't get lost) as the NIJIYA MARKET BOOK CLUB, anyone welcome, yadda, also taking distinct care in pointing out that it should remain on the break room table lest someone be bursting with insights into The Odyssey and have nowhere to write them down. This leads me to believe that the management must just not want literate intelligent curious employees, but only simple drones, which...makes sense, but it's not fair. I'm not really being fair either, though, by accusing someone of maliciously denying us of our club without any proof, but it seems to me that anyone who thought it was a good, healthy, fun idea would leave the notebook there and maybe even write in it.


On a lighter note, the boy and I had a pretty sweet weekend. Obviously there is no order whatsoever in this because the first thing actually came last and the middle came first and the end is in the...middle, I guess, but no matter.

On Saturday we went on a big long wander over to Pizza Orgasmica where we had the special of the month which was called...something...with "Spring" in it. "Spring Fling," I think. It had tomato sauce, mozzarella, rosmary potatoes, bacon, sausage, some other kind of cheese, and it was really REALLY good. Sort of reminded me of being in Paris. They put potatoes on pizza there, too, sometimes. There was also a salad involved and some beer that I didn't really drink much of because I don't think pizza and beer go particularly well together at all.

On the WAY to the pizza, we stopped at a bookstore. This shopping component on the trip was supposed to be longer and include toys and comics as well, but we were pretty worn out after walking all the way out there. In fact, that way is probably quite a bit shorter than the route we took because we noodled around, didn't really know where exactly we were going, hadn't bothered to look up the address before leaving, that sort of thing. It was fun!

At the bookstore (the used book store) we perused the gigantic unalphabetized selection for a while. I didn't really find anything better than what I picked up within the first couple minutes. Found THIS:

young adults

Holy crap! I had never seen the actual book Young Adult Novel before, but had read it since it's included in one of the collections of novels Daniel Pinkwater has out. This book is even cooler than that, though, because it's an edition that includes extra stuff. Stuff I haven't read yet, so I can't really say much about it, but...still pretty sweet. Gotta love that cover art, too.

I sort of regret not picking up the Cyborg 009 manga volumes 1 and 2, since I could've had them both for four dollars. We may head back next weekend, because although the boy found some groovy stuff he, too, feels as though he may have missed out on something.

I like weekends.

The shopping didn't end there! Sunday (Easter) we decided it would be good to go outside since the weather was fairly pleasant. Headed downtown because generally when we walk with no purpose we are drawn toward the 1UP offices. Ended up at Virgin where they had God of War 2 (fancy that!) and relatively cheap DVDs.

I believe we may have just come full circle. GOOD NIGHT!


Chris said...

That Doctor Who guy went to the same school as me!

Seriously.. "Pizza Orgasmica". You Westerny-Westerners have all the best restaurants :P

Jeremy said...

Yo, I have the first four volumes of Cyborg 009. You can have 'em for free.

Emily said...

Chris - Whatever, there is awesome pizza in Europe ;p I don't know about Scotland specifically, but I've had some good stuff in England. Cool about Dr. Who, too. What school?

Jeremy - Sweet! That roxxorz! And thanks for finagling the anime club for my benefit :D