Friday, April 13, 2007

TGIF, I guess (aka depressive bullshit)

Ugh. Here I sit eating Easter candy, lamenting another afternoon soon to go sour at the part-time job. I applied for a new one. I also started sending around for letters of recommendation for that interview with AMITY, if I mentioned that. I have one. I'm pretending maybe I'll go to Japan. Actually, I'm not even doing that. I'm just sort of applying and assuming that I'm not going even if I get it.

I'm not in a very good mood.

1) I've been doing a bad job of picking food lately.

I shouldn't even talk about that, though. It's so obscenely mundane.

Last night I was out at a game thing by myself. Well, not really by myself, but without the boy. So, more or less by myself. Covered a couple things. Had half a drink and some random party food.

Uhhhhhmmmm, wow, blogging just is no good today. I had no luck in my HEY, GAMES! initiative today, either. Ended up deleting several hours worth of copy-paste work (from my 1UP blog.)

It IS Friday, which means that yes, the weeks are still hurtling past us in this most unfamiliar fashion, and also that I get two days off during which I will probably be stuck in a dictionary with import games, which sadly, doesn't even sound fun.

OKAY, time to get psyched up about SOMEthing. Just pick something, anything. SOMEthing has to be too freaking awesome to be wrecked by whatever evil my mind has stewing for me today. Uhhhhhh, the 1UP anime club has been moved to Tuesdays. Of course, that won't be REALLY awesome until next week, which means it can't really be ruined by today. I'm not sure if that one fact will keep me going through grocery land all afternoon, though.

*grumble mumble growl sigh* mrrf

2) Save me from the grocery store.

I should stop, really. Stop writing, and go FORCE myself to do something else. Anything. Like play some stupid game or something. Read a fucking book. I don't know. Flaming hell.

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