Thursday, April 26, 2007


The story is pretty much the same as usual. Yesterday I managed to get LOTRO working, so I'm doing that all day today, probably, with short breaks. We're having Chinese food with Marc tonight, which is good, since I haven't seen him in quite a while.

Other than that I'm feeling a little weird because I finally e-mailed AMITY and told them I wouldn't be attending the interview this Saturday. I guess it's weird because it's what I always thought I would do, what I was really excited about doing, etc, etc. But now I just have other stuff I want to do. Rather than leading a Japan life teaching English, I will live a San Francisco life writing about video games. Either one is great, but this one is here and rockin' already, getting better, even.

Anyways, *shrug*

Hesfrid on Brandywine if anyone is playing LOTRO.

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