Friday, September 15, 2006

I win!

Today I am going to classes AND getting all my work done. Rock!

AUTO ASSAULT TOURNAMENT!!! Free game! 1Up stuff! Yay! Too bad my computer sucks : /

I still look and sound like crud. My nose is all dry and cracked and bleeding...eww. My cough is still pretty nasty, too. I've been on the drugs for a couple days now, though, so hopefully I'll ok.


And yes, the weekend is near, but honestly, I have just as much, if not more work to do. Plus I have to do fun stuff cuz that's what the weekend is for!! Grah! It's depressing that I'll be here : / instead of in San Francisco. Actually, though, I was thinking that even if I do have class next Saturday, I could just leave afterwards. Doesn't give us as much time, but if that's what I can do, then that's what I can do @_@ No reason to not hang out forEVER just cause we get several hours less...err half a day, err...well, it depends, but STILL ;p

Tomorrow is the Korean BBQ and video gameness with Nila, if she's willing to risk my bronchitis-ness. I dunno if that's really fair or not. When am I not contagious anymore? *shrug* Gameness by myself, then! GAMES! That's what my life is missing these past few days. Plenty of news, but not enough PLAY.

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