Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Now, I'm pretty sure there was supposed to be more to this entry than regretting the nature of my lunch today, but I can't remember what that would be.

I shouldn't even bother blogging things like this, but for some reason I must externalize!!! Maybe it's a personality flaw : /

Anyways, I THOUGHT I was hungry, so I went to the dining hall. I already knew in advance (since I checked the menu website) that there was nothing I really wanted, so I was short on ideas. In the end, I created this weird salami sandwich with provolone cheese, brown mustard, lettuce, tomato, and pickle on one slice of wheat bread. It looked preposterous. It a sandwich. I was not thrilled. I forced myself to eat half of it and then wondered if I was really as hungry as I had thought I was. On my way out I grabbed a banana. I feel a yuck!

Oh yeah, and then here is a funny yet sad story that happened today also:

I wanted to hear "Long Distance Call" by Phoenix. For some reason, I thought I had their latest CD here. I played it in the shower the other day and thought it stranged that I somehow missed my favorite song. Then I was playing it today, thinking maybe I could find it, but it didn't show up. I tried all of them. Looking at the track listing I could see plainly that it wasn't there. I wondered if something had somehow partially corrupted the CD (which is soooooo against Occam's Razor, it's funny...I guess my brain doesn't work too scientifically : /) I went online to check the track listing for the CD I thought I had. In fact, the one I had was not the one I thought I had. For some reason I had forgotten that Phoenix has not two, but THREE cds out. I own all of them, but only one of them is sitting over there in my cd case in my dorm, and that is the second, not the third. Luckily, it is on their site, so I can listen anyways.




Holy flaming hell.

I think I will cry.

"San francisco * IN STORE PERFORMANCE * on saturday 23th

PHOENIX will be performing live & signing copies of "It's never been like that" at VIRGIN MEGASTORE this Saturday @ 2.00pm

2 Stockton street / San Francisco CA


They'll be playing the same night @ Slim’s 333 Eleventh Street San Francisco, CA"

I was THERE. I was in town. Why wasn't I keeping up on this stuff? I SUCK. My favorite band was performing for FREE down the street and I had no idea. ARRRGH, my brain >_<

Frustration multiplier x2

My roommate just got in the shower where I am supposed to be right now...


Hmm, I can see them on Late Night with Conan O'Brian on Friday, though. NOT THE SAME x_x

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