Thursday, September 28, 2006


Why do I feel so uptight? I should just be relaxing and stuff, maybe reading a chapter of politics, but that's it! No stress right now! Tomorrow will be easy and then I get to be with the boy all weekend :D

I think maybe I'm not eating enough. I kinda wish I had a scale to see, but if I think I'm not eating enough, then it's probably the case that I'm not eating enough. Not sure what to do about that. Everything is so yuck. I have a friend who lives off of cereal, yogurt, and bananas.

Had three appts for Japanese tutoring today. One for third semester and two for first. I think they went pretty well. Hopefully I was able to clarify some things for them. I need to come up with some practice stuff for Tuesday...

Man, last night I slept so horribly. Maybe that's why I'm off today. *shrug* I just hate feeling off. Especially when I know I get to see Scott @_@ Why can't I just feel perfect for a while?

I've been thinking lately that maybe I should just screw the pills. I wish I could. I mean I spontaneously felt fine last week. It wasn't the pills that did that. I think I just have mood swings. Maybe I AM mildly bi-polar. I dunno, but who really cares? I just wonder if maybe I wouldn't have all these random little phsyical complaints if I quit. Maybe it's all just side-effects.

I have an apple sitting on my desk that I'm not too keen on eating, but I think I will anyways...

Blah, it's ok. I'll read at least a bit of this politics crap and then play Gamma Bros. :D

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