Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pretend we just kept going

So we got my textbooks and had crepes which were very tasty. Mine had red bean paste, banana pudding (with BANANAS), kuromitsu, and whipped cream all folded up tasty-like. YUM! I shared a bit with Scotty and I think he liked it, too.

We wandered around, and then meandered over to Haight and Ashbury (quite a bit of walking we did that day) where we strolled about and ate tasty hamburgers. Finally went in Amoeba Records. It's BIG and they have tons and tons and tons of musics. Many. Also DVDs, which I guess I could've expected, but never thought to.

Then I think when we arrived home we had a youtube fest...unless I am remembering incorrectly. In any case, we all love:

It's important that you love it, too.

Mmmm...unfortunately Scotty's parents had to take off pretty quick Sunday morning. I had a lot of fun hanging out with them and only hope I didn't act like too much of a freak to be likable x_x

The vast majority of the rest of the long weekend was spent playing Magic: The Gathering. This is somewhat amazing considering that when I was a little kid I wanted to play SO bad and begged my parents for a deck. Then when I finally got one I realized I was the only person I knew who cared and also that I didn't really understand how to play. Too bad Scott wasn't my friend back then (although back then we would've been on different planets as far as social life goes...) cuz he was playing up a storm with his pals. LUCKILY, he's got a zillion cards that his parents lugged all the way from Maine, so we put together a bunch of decks and playyyyyyyyyyed and played and played. Much fun XD

We also watched a few episodes of The Tick in full living breathing human form. In fact, we showed some to his parents as well before they left. It's funny. In fact, I might even go so far as to say I enjoy it more than the cartoon EXCEPT that The Tick is REALLY stupid. He was always a little clueless, but in the live-action he's almost unbearably dumb. It also gets rather old just watching Arthur tell him he wants to go somewhere alone (Ok, we get it, Tick thinks they're a duo for life. I wonder how they go to the bathroom...) I love Batmanuel (and the fact that he has his own wikipedia entry XD), though. He's way cooler than his cartoon counterpart.

Leaving is always unbearable. Monday when I had to go I was sooooo sad. You'd think it would get easier, but it doesn't. Always a pretty miserable experience. Hugging and kissing across the barrier until I absolutely HAVE to get on the escalator down to the train : / I'll bet he doesn't have much more fun walking home uphill alone than I do riding the trains back to yucky Stockton...

Yeah, I'm getting more and more sick of school. Actually I'm also beginning to wonder if I really like to cook, or if it's just something I tell myself. If I really liked to, you'd think I would somehow acquire ingredients and go to it, but when I look at recipes it all looks like so much work and I hate putzing around with raw meat and blergh. I need to do something, though, because as much as I love pizza, it's not exactly the best thing for a person. What I did figure out is that it is probably fairly economical to get a small salad at the bar in the Summit. They're only 3 dollars. I think that would probably save me lots of time, if not money. Sometimes cooking for yourself is cheaper, but in the case of the salad, I could see all of the ingredients ending up to be an awful lot, not to mention the time spent chopping etc.


I was looking for a damned (tasty-looking healthy one person college studenty) recipe site for like...an hour...on fucking accident V_V Didn't exactly succeed.

Anyways, time for homework crap.

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