Friday, September 15, 2006


it looks like I was feeling much more chipper earlier in the day. Since then I've attended astro (which was just review of chapter 4 even though I read 5 and have more trouble with the first 3...), coughed a lot, escaped the crappy dining hall dinner by having a toast with butter/jam and a piece of pecan pie and then making soup at home later, ...and realized how much crap I have to do this weekend.

I really hate it when the weekend arrives and you realize there just isn't a difference. Anyways, I'm hoping that maybe I'm over-estimating the amount of stuffs to hours in a day ratio. Still feel like I should keep slaving away, though.

Uh...yeah, I dunno what to do exactly right now. I mean, I've been screwing off for quite a while, now, so maybe I should do something. I think maybe I will do "SOMETHING" for a while, and then play gamez...and chatter...and...yay :D

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