Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Concentration Depletion

You want to know WHY? How ridiculous it is. I fear I will become hungry at some point in the relatively immediate future. Say, a couple or three hours. I had dinner at 5, a banana a bit ago. It's just too stupid.

I only do this when I'm not happy.

School is a huge drag on my happy index. When I'm too stressed and not happy and wishing I were elsewhere I obsess about food and worry about stupid things.

I KNOW that's the only reason I'm even thinking about it, but that doesn't help. I'd like to go play DDR, but that will only exacerbate the imminent hunger.

What could I eat? There isn't really anything that I have that I haven't already eaten today. This is the problem involving lack of groceries.


I kinda want a Snickers bar. I also kind of need a shower.


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