Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slow going

Well, I got my astronomy homework done, or rather, the numbered questions bit of it, I did. Still have to read Chapter 5, which promises to be long and complicated. I'm rewarding myself with a blog break.

I think if I do it section by section and take breaks in between, it won't be so bad. I really hope I feel like ten times better tomorrow so I can go to class, but somehow I doubt it. It sucks, though. This is an important couple of chapters I'm missing : / Very science-y and stuff.

In other news, I ran out of tissues. There were 280 as of yesterday afternoon, but as of ten minutes ago there were none. I took my trash out, so everyone should stay away from the bronchitisy dumpster out back.

I'm realizing how hard I'm going to have to fight to keep Japanese in the shuffle. It was hard enough even when I had 4.5 hours of class every week, but now it's all up to me. I may start going to see Mayumi-sensei more often, once I get better.

Oh, speaking of which, I really need to turn in my overload paperwork. I have the cash, now so I should probably head over there. Ugh. I wish there were Kleenex stations every 10 yards or so. Then I would be able to get around much better. It's either that or have a nasty wad stuck in my pocket...(eww)

I'm going to try to go to dinner at the dining hall. It doesn't really sound that great. It's a bbq themed night. No idea why. So basically it's just sausage and burgers and bbq chicken. A brat (or the closest I could get) would be tasty, I guess...maybe. Not sure, the dining hall tends to somehow mess up just about anything. I have soup at home, but I already skipped enough meals to feed me all weekend and any more I skip will just be wasted : /


Well, I forgot to post this, so I guess I'll just add on...

I turned in my overload petition. Apparently there COULD be more paperwork involved with all this crap, but as of right now I just have to wait and see what happens. After I did that I headed over to the bbq and had a sausage (which seemed more mild Italian than anything else), a couple bites of nasty salad, and a piece of one of those weird big cakes.

You know, a big freakin' huge sheet cake that says, "Go Tigers!" in some abominably colored frosting. It's 2 layers, one white, one chocolate, with some nasty strawberry goo in between, chocolate on top. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but I would've much rather had a cookie or something. I just think it's funny they have these weird generic sheet cakes at all the outdoor bbqs.

Now I'm gonna do more astronomy...and debate about the Wii some more.

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