Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm not sure what should go before that. Maybe, "unfortunate." I didn't get much sleep last night since I was mostly coughing... I'm not very good at dealing with being sick. Anyhow, I called the advice nurse people just now and the lady said to do...pretty much the normal stuff. I asked if I should go to class and she said probably not... Which, I mean I'd feel shitty about going to class anyway, since I feel worse than yesterday. I hate missing, though... I dunno. I don't like having gaps in my notes.

I have an hour to kill before I can go to the doctor, and even then I dunno if I can get in. I guess I will call them.

It's lonely to be sick.

I guess if I stay home I will just end up reading textbooks in bed. However, when I read in bed I get tired, usually, for some reason (probably cuz it's bed.) Hell, though, it's probably a good thing by now if I can get SOMETHING to knock me out.

I really regret not doing laundry earlier, now. I have like...pretty much no clothes, and of course laundry is just all I want to do when a breath that isn't quite shallow enough draws the cough from hell.

I did get some sleep, but definitely not as much as the night before (which was still pretty...coughful.) No idea when I finally fell asleep, but definitely a ways after 1. Then I woke up around...5 something and haven't been able to sleep. So I may have gotten as much as 4 hours, but then I seem to remember being vaguely awake at some other point as well. It wasn't a good sleep, it was a dozy stupid sleep threatening to be ended at the slightest inkling of a tickle in my throat or any sort of noise indicating the World.

It's probably just a cold, which sucks. I mean, yeah, great I don't have like DEATH, or anything, but why do I always get such horrible colds? I need tissues. I used up pretty much all the random ones in the bathroom (that I didn't buy.) We're almost out of toilet paper... ALL IS LOST. I'm so not going ANYWHERE, except maybe the wellness center, and if I go there then I'll probably stop to pick up my package on the way back, since it's right there. Maybe my books for Japanese Film came and I can start that this afternoon while I drink plenty of fluids.


Still way too much time to kill. I was thinking about going and having breakfast on the way, but it would probably be nicer of me to brush my teeth and have breakfast on the way back instead. Well, I guess I'm gonna go write some e-mails and explain to my profs that I'll see them on Friday : / if I'm lucky...

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